Dedicated Servant.

    Proven Leadership.                          

                 Community Focused.

Faith is what drives me. I know faith without works is dead.  

So for more than 20 years, I've worked to improve the life outcomes for children and youth.  I stand on the foundation of results and my work has resulted in the reduction of inappropriate or unnecessary incarceration of youth, an increase in community-based programs for youth and more equitable service delivery.

-  Judge Gail Grover


Committee for Judge Grover

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News, Updates, & Activities

Project M.A.D.E.

In partnership with the EBRP School System, EBR Juvenile Court, and community organizations, Project M.A.D.E. is now providing opportunities for mentorship to our youth-in-need. To find out more click on the image, and Make a Difference!  


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Class of 2020 

Judge Grover stands with the 2020 class of new judges who participated in the Louisiana Judicial College's New Judges Training.

Eagle Scout Ceremony

Congrats!  Judge Grover, a proud parent to her own Eagle scout, acts as a guest speaker for the two young men accepting the prestigious honor.



Judge Grover is re-elected!

Judge Grover retains her position as EBRP Juvenile Court Judge of Division B.

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