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Gail Grover has an extraordinary background in law, and the military. She is most proud of her work in the community dealing with juvenile justice issues. Our full conversation was very insightful into the dynamics of our court system.

T H R I V E 
"I saw too many police reports that turned into petitions [to prosecute] without having any other options....That began my desire to create other alternatives [to juvenile incarceration]" 

Judge Grover interviews with Candace Ford about her journey towards judgeship and working within the juvenile justice system.

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Baton Rouge Lawyer Magazine
           “I have spent my entire legal career working with young people and their families in some capacity. My love for and connection with youth heavily influenced my decision to run for this position... I answered God's call to dedicate all of my work to making a difference in the lives of young people.” 
“There’s no magic to the process... they too can do it.  
And when they come back and they engage, you can almost see the light bulb go off...
      That’s the hook to change their perspective; to connect them back to the community;
      to let them know that they have a responsibility and that they are important.
           “The intent is to pull the kids into program compliance... we want them to succeed.” 
BR's Juvenile Services Department Opens Evening Center for Non-Violent Offenders

Gail Grover, Department of Juvenile Services director, and Baton Rouge Mayor-President Kip Holden discuss details of a new evening reporting center for juveniles who are arrested for non-violent offenses during a news conference Monday at the Department of Juvenile Services

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Advocate staff photo by CATHERINE THRELKELD 


The mayor's Assistant Chief Administrator, Gail (Adkins) Grover, sat down with Whitney Vann on '2une In this Morning' to tell you what the World Changers (a faith-based group that includes students from around the country providing selfless service) plan to do in their 11th visit to Baton Rouge.

"We have about 180 student volunteers who started to arrive yesterday," Grover explained. "They immediately started working in the community and will continue working through Friday."
LA Area Women in Ministry’s ‘Village Project’ will include educational center

Gail (Adkins) Grover, front, and the Rev. Mary Moss look at an old ceramic heater in the bathroom of a home at 765 N. Acadian Thruway.


'Teen Court Returns to New Orleans'
Channel 6

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They are equipped to make someone else’s life better...” 
- Gail Grover, Baton Rouge Teen Court  
"A group of area pastors are taking seriously the old African saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and are kicking off Saturday afternoon a new initiative to transform the Eden Park neighborhood...."

Advocate photo by MARK H. HUNTER--


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